Technical Solutions

Our 30-year experience allows us to ensure that our plans are totally applicable and safe. When renting equipment from TAMCO, we provide you with more than just a machine. You can send us the details about your needs in lifting and transporting heavy lift. For any large and complex installation, our professional teams accurately organize to prepare for their plans, drawings, method of statement ground check lists, plan and position the required equipment at site prior to the execution of the task. If required, our professional team is more than happy to provide customers with 2D/3D technical drawings as well as simulation services. Talk to us about what you require or about all your lifting problems. We respond to you as quickly as possible.

Trust Us, We Are Professional

TAMCO is a specialized company in lifting, cranes, hoists, equipment, spare parts and maintenance. TAMCO delivers worldwide standard such as ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, and Commitment to Excellence Award in various segments of industry. We were part of over 50 massive projects across Asia like Oil and Petrochemical, Steel and Cement Plant, and Civil Constructions.

Team of Lift Planners

There is a strong culture of team work. TAMCO’s planning team begins with estimating, our team examines each project from the ground up to provide the ideal solution for each unique situation, with an emphasis on reducing cost and complexity. For big projects in which many our equipment and employees are going to be taken, TAMCO’s HSEQ, operation, machinery, technical office, HR, repairing and maintenance professionals set up a meeting to make sure the heavy lift equipment and drawn plan are executed as smoothly, safety, and applicable as possible.

Applying the Art Capacities

If required, we offer cranes with outstanding capacities with the variable boom systems. When Lattice Boom Cranes are going to be applied, our experts think about its radius and load capacity chart. They consider project’s needs and choose the best way of loading to lift like STD, HL, SHL, HL Luffing, and SHL Luffing. We predict all these requirements in lifting plan.

Best Quality

We have committed ourselves to offer customers an accurate technical solution with detailed information. Our customers receive the assurance that every detail of our lifting has been examined by experts in the field of heavy lift operations. Also, during planning we consider all potential risk and we offer preventive action plan, while we measure PRN of any risk before and after action plan. We publish the reports regularly and they are reachable for customers. We know customers expect us to be the side of them during operation, and we do that! Our HSEQ and Operation professionals could be there in your project site until it would be completed.