Our operators and technical office experts inspect cranes regularly to know what the crane needs to repair. They have a systematic relation with Maintenance and Repair part of company. We take special care to maintain all machines in our fleet. We provide customer the best quality machines with the highest mechanical efficiency. During operation process, our repairing teams are reachable to fix any problem as fast as possible.


Our mechanics are professional and expert in fixing and repairing the cranes. They know everything about cranes’ engines, parts, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electronic systems, booms and so on. So you can trust us to fix your cranes. We could overhaul engines with the best quality in the less time and the most justifiable cost.

Our Team

TAMCO’s expert technicians are ready to help you. Whether your repairs are emergencies, planned or upgrades, TQMCO will work to get your machine up and running. We know that when your machine isn't running, your production suffers. Our technicians will work with your operation schedule and time constraints to fulfill your repair needs. Our technicians have been highly trained to be up to date on the latest technology and techniques for fixing machines. Our technicians receive scheduled training through a combination of formal classroom training. We sure you will be surprised at how much knowledge and skill our well-trained technicians have that goes into diagnosing and repairing a crane.

Best Quality

There are many certifications available in our company as high as Master Technician. The ability to repair your machine requires a strong combination of training and resource. We provide them to technicians. TAMCO strives to provide customer the best quality maintenance and repairing. TAMCO consider all parts of environmental standards. We understand that safety and comfort are both extremely important, so we trained all technicians. They licensed and insured for their safety and protection, they are checked fully background, they are up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques, they should attend ongoing technical training every year, they are tested on their technical aptitude. So you can be relaxed when you bring us your machines. You are in good hand at TAMCO.